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Discussion on common public speaking flaws, goofs and errors and suggestions on how to improve public speaking skills

As I listen to TED speakers, I notice that many will begin sentences speaking loudly and clearly, then end sentences with increased speed and decreased volume. Some are very difficult to understand. Others are down right impossible to understand.


This prompted the idea of making suggestions for improved public speaking


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    Jun 15 2012: I will disagree slightly with some of my fellow TEDsters here. Substance does indeed trump style, however, without style impact will suffer. You have to build a certain amount of pizzaz or emotion into a good talk in order to pluck the string that you are trying to pluck. Let's not forget that every single talk on this site has a purpose, some of them huge, some small. Achieving that purpose, or, at least taking a few steps in the right direction, is every TED talker's goal. Without the elements of a good speaker you risk losing the impact you are trying to achieve regardless of the quality of your substance.

    I speak quite often to executives, managers, non-profits, journalists, my team, etc. and I am careful that I do not lose the battle of balance, balance, balance.

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