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How is the data transferred from its source to the light bulbs?

I understand how it is recieved by the device and transmitted by the light, but how does the light get the information?

  • Jul 9 2012: I am curious as well, and hoping someone knowledgeable can answer before the question expires. Their demo probably uses direct ethernet (purely guessing though). A great final product, as many may imagine, might (e.g.) fit under the bulb screw, like an old flasher insert, accepting PowerLine Communication, assuming a separate ethernet/WiFi-to-PLC gateway. I too would like to know where along that range they are now, and what remains to get all the way there.
    • Jul 12 2012: Interesting. The future presented in the video describes communication from every light bulb from streetlights to those in your home. If they were to use this sort of method, they would have to rebuild every lamp they wish to use.
  • Jul 12 2012: Maybe we are addressing different points (?). My understanding is that -- given PowerLine Communications to each bulb, and a simple tiny disk circuit board to insert under each screw-in bulb base -- NOT having to rebuild anything at all would be the main objective. What am I missing ?
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    Jun 14 2012: See details here:

    "We subtly modulate the current supply to the LED devices at relatively high speeds. We are not harshly switching the LEDs on and off, and we are not modulating at speeds anywhere near those perceptible to the human eye."