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A fission powered propulsion system

My idea for a fission powered rocket would work like this. You have a tank of pressurized hydrogen of any type. In a separate tank, are salts of Uranium 235. When released a designated chamber of the rocket, the uranium is bombarded by neutrons from neutron guns. Neutron guns aren't science fiction. For this purpose, all you would need is Neptunium 237, a five sided lead box, and a sheet of aluminum replacing the missing side of the lead box. the Neptunium gives of alpha rays which would react with the atoms in the aluminum to create a beam of neutrons. The area inside the box would have to be a vacuum to ensure no alpha rays are absorbed. An array of these neutron guns would aline the inside of the chamber. The neutron bombardment would soon fission the uranium salts right after they left the separate chamber of the rocket and release a huge amount heat that would transform the Hydrogen flowing from the other chamber into a plasma one it came into contact with it. Using fuel like this would require very little of it to provide large amounts of thrust. The plasma would then be accelerated by electromagnetic coils. The electromagnetic field would also serve to protect the inside of the chamber. I believe that this kind of propulsion would get us to mars in a matter of weeks. Although, if my idea were to ever end up being revolutionary, it would likely end up like project Orion or project Daedalus. So, to explain it simply, two chambers are side by side, one with the flow of hydrogen gas and the other with the stream of Uranium 235 salts being bombarded by neutrons. The flow time of the Uranium 235 in it's own rocket chamber would be timed out so it would fission right when it came into contact with the Hydrogen, thus producing plasma .

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  • M D

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    Jun 14 2012: You should sell these ideas to the Iranian government.
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      Jun 14 2012: Is...that suppose to be a terrorist joke?

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