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What is the way out of homelessness? Is there a way?

It's so easy for one to say: "Get a job". Getting a job is almost impossible without an address and if you were able to get a job could you afford to rent a room or a place to live? Where would one start?


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    Jun 14 2012: The endless concern about the homeless creates many avenues for them to receive endless swag, the reality is that it just encourages them to remain homeless. Quit drinking the Kool Aid please...

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      Jun 14 2012: I think you may be confusing people under the poverty line living in council estates or low income housing who can get a reasonable standard of living with state benefits, with people who are living on the streets and unable to access assistance.
      In my home country of Ireland this has been big in the news over the past 2-3 days as a burried report was unveiled that expressed concerns that 4/10 people would be better off on unemployment benefits and other welfare subsidies and exeptions than on a low income wage.

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