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Can you make a memory if your dead ?

Working in hospitals sadly some of our patients suffer cardiac arrests and pass away, others we manage to resuscitate.

Often people that we save tell us that they have glimpses of the other side or in fact they saw nothing at all. either way who knows if they are right ?

I would like to know / debate when in a situation like a cardiac arrest is it possible for your brain to create and store memories or is the inadequate blood flow and the primary brain function to restart the heart too much ?

so in a nut shell if people died and did see the other side (if there is one) could they possibly remember it ??


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  • M D

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    Jun 14 2012: Sounds like you need a research grant, not an online forum to answer this one I'm afraid. I can however offer some sceptisism over these "light in the end of the tunnel" glimpses as dreams or halucinations can often be related to one's surroundings/situation at the time, ie. being on the verge of death, and dreams and halucinations are by nature very abstract and otherworldly.
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      Jul 12 2012: M D,
      One of the most facinating concepts I learned in one of my courses was that the final moments of a person's life can take on the dimension of eternity. Apparently we go facinated into that long good night by the flood of memories and experiences that are spontaneously released. I hope so.

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