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Why infants can not inherit knowledge from their parents ?

I had this question in my mind for quiet some time until the question looked logical & I,m asking now.

When babies come to this world they inherit lots of things from their parent like, physical appearance (face, eyes, hair, height )& for some even behaviors but not knowledge.

My question is why ? Is there something Secret behind it ?

What do you think how fast would humanity be advancing if this is made possible ?

Thank you.


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    Jun 13 2012: Thanks to edward, I have a new perspective on this subject.

    I can understand what you hope for by having information inherited, but with that knowledge inherited it would definitely remove a lot of individuality in this world. Life would cease to seem like the individual had control of themselves, but it is just my opinion.

    I don't like robots because they will make the world dull and fine-tuned individuals' that only have a small amount of directions for their own lives due to their "pre-programmed" knowledge.
    • Jun 14 2012: I like robot's and I wouldn't mind being cybernetic, so long as I was not pre-programmed by anyone else. If we could personally accept or reject the information wouldn't that be sort of like it is now, but without memory lapses, or lapses in judgement, or even forget what you are saying? Individuality may not be over-rated, but mistakes most definitely are not.

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