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How do people get a chance or create their opportunity to talk on TED?

Title explains it all.

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    Jun 13 2012: The best way to submit someone (including yourself) to TED is through our speaker nomination website:

    We work on the program throughout the year (so there is no deadline point) and when the program is completely full, we're already working to program the following year. Your submission will stay in our speaker database so that we may consider it as we plan the program for future TEDs.

    We really value your effort on this, as we find many of our speakers through recommendations from the community. 
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    Jun 13 2012: Hi Dejay,
    When I registered for the TED Global, I got some emails which mentioned about submitting an outline for your talk and then a panel decides if the topic presented is good enough in line with the TED themes for the conference. Once the topic submitted is approved, a TED team will work with the individual to polish the talk content, help time it to the duration etc.

    Are you submitting any topic? Good luck..

    Hope this helps.