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The idea I'm proposing is a unified global community; The people we've globally accepted as "The smartest" all proposed it, why not us.

It's generally accepted that we are a divided people, but that's a destructive way to shape our future. In my opinion, a globally unified peoples would be able to conquer the most difficult tasks.

One currency, a balanced economy, a global scientific front, ever moving outwards and thinking ahead to the future of our species. If we were to move into space it would be as a whole people, all endeavoring to push the human race into the stars, to explore what we never have, and find the best for our people. Care for everyone, equally. No more losing a loved one to a curable ailment because you simply can't afford a treatment. No war. That explains itself.

As a global community all of these things are reachable. I implore all of you to expand and reason about this. Thank-you for reading.

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  • Jun 14 2012: Bravo. I was just thinking about this topic! Although Marco has a good point, but I don't think competition would be erased if there were a unified society. When I do think about this topic, it is hard to imagine the ideals that could be shared by everyone, in order to organize a group of people worldwide. Religion comes to mind, which is not always a good thing considering the things that have been done by these groups to convert people to their way of thinking. But, you make an excellent point; if we were to move into space there would have to be a collective society.

    Just because competition (between countries) got us where we are today, doesn't mean that where we are today is the best of all possible worlds. I won't get into why I think that it is the best of all possible situations. But nonetheless there would actually be more competition between individuals if there were a shared worldview, and more collaboration on important projects. Therefore, we would live in a better place if there were more individuals who wanted to make a difference in the world.

    And about the argument that a single government is highly corruptible... That may be true, but there is a way to counteract that built into the idea that no government is more important than the global good. If there were no reason for governments compete, there would be a forced acceptance of a policy of general transparency. No reason to suppress information about politicians or what is being done.

    If capitalism prevailed there would be more money in the budget to advance society. Education and Healthcare would benefit immensely, and eventually the population would boom to a point where we would have no choice but to move to space. Even if we somehow managed to cut down on our non-renewable resource intake, it would require a lot more of them, then we already have. Competition for resources is an issue that has caused many wars and smaller scale fights.


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