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What is your dream? Have you achieved it?

Are you living your dream? Have you lived it, or are you still searching for it?

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    Jun 16 2012: If your dreams are things that can be accomplished, then you need practice to dream bigger dreams. My dream is closely related to that: I want myself and everyone to find a dream worth pursuing even though they will only ever achieve some small part of it. I guess my dream is for nobody to ever achieve their dreams. :-D
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      Jun 26 2012: Sometime small ones are really rewarding though, Erik! Right now, I want to pick a ripe mango from a tree and have a man i love lick th e juice off my elbow!
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    Jun 13 2012: The moment you achieve a dream the second emerges. It continues & you might never achieve all your dreams at one point.
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      Jun 14 2012: I agree. As you get older, you discover that there are more and more worthwhile dreams. Unfortunately, the time left to achieve them becomes less and less.
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        Jun 16 2012: I have to disagree with you, Nigel. I think as we get older, we realize that there are fewer and fewer dreams that are really worth chasing after, but they are better and better dreams.
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          Jun 18 2012: Hi Erik,
          No worries. We agree after all! I didnt put that very well. I meant more and more to apply to how worthwhile the dreams were, not the number of alternatives.
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    Jun 25 2012: I have had many dreams in my 56 years and I have acheived many or thought I did. I still dream and I am still pursuing my dreams.
  • M D

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    Jun 14 2012: I have not even found a dream to have yet. There are career paths I reckon I'd be suited for. There are experiences I'd be interested in such as travel. Perhaps I could find love but I have a suspicion that the reality is only but a shadow of the fantasy that advertising firms and whimsical poets try to tell me it is.
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      Jun 26 2012: M D! that is more than OK. Maybe the world needs people with brand new passions in mid life.
  • Jun 14 2012: I have many dreams.One of my dream is to travel all over the world, to have a look of what kind of life the foreigners have, the other is to learn a kind of musicial intrustrument before i get old.As my teacher says that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try, i decide to do this right now.