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In your experience, what did you find to work best for promoting TED to people who were unlikely to be TED fans?

Methods and approaches that you used successfully to open the minds of people who were not likely or even resistant to have tried TED on their own.


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    Feb 16 2011: Ask anyone you meet people "What are you passionate about and care deeply about in your life ?"

    Almost certainly there will be some TED talk related to their passion, field of interest, Tell them to check that talk out at TED.com

    Optional: you might also like warning them: HIGHLY INSPIRATION and AMAZINGLY ADDICTIVE ;-)
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      Feb 17 2011: You are right about that, it is amazingly addictive. And yes, indeed it is easier with people who have a passion or an interest. But what about the ones who don't have one yet? Those are the ones most unlikely to be TED fans. Someone who has a passion are probably already addicted.

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