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Schrödinger's Cat: Quantum Superposition and Collapse of the Wave Function

What is Quantum Mechanics? Why does superposition exist in nature? How does the wave function collapse and lead to a simplified and reduced classical result? How do we see the effects of Schrödinger's Cat in our daily lives?


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    Jun 22 2012: Hi Anhad,

    The locus of particles in time and space are necessarily undefined in our time/space continuum.

    They are subject to noise introduced from other dimensional sources.

    This gives rise to a blurring of the absolute vectors through which transormations can occur along the timeline(s)

    Without the uncertainty principle, time(transformation) and space(potential transformation) - in all space/time continuums - could not exist.

    Can we be in more than one place/universe? Yes - we are perpetually in infinite places/universes, but the vectors themselves cannot be deviated beyond the latitude defined by the noise-field - so this constrains the places/universes to a narrow band.
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      Jun 23 2012: Hi Mitch,

      I sometimes have a gut feeling that as in case of RDBMS databases, information in different databases are entangled, similarly our consciousness and spirit being in different dimensions altogether are having their references here which means they are entangled here whereas their existence is somewhere else...

      I agree with you, We can be in more than one place/universe. Yes we can.

      Compare a Computer (Technological System) to your self (Human System).

      1. Your Body= Hardware=Matter (PHYSICAL FORM)
      2. Your Mind = Software = Consciousness (ENERGY)
      3. Your Soul = Power Source = Spiritual Energy (ENERGY)

      Now there is no fourth component I have been able to find so far.

      Now according to you and also according to my thinking,

      1.The body is here in this Universe
      2. The mind is in some different world, not in our brain. Our brain is having a reference or access to it.
      3. The Spirit is the primary current and again is in some other universe entangled to our body.

      Share your views :)
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        Jun 23 2012: Hi Anhad,

        I believe that the borders that exist in reality are inter-penetrated and chaotic (fractal).

        So, for example: the border between space(the physical) and metaspace(mind) becomes impossible to capture - the closer you examine it, the more complex it gets. But a pattern might be perceived. That pattern might have a mathematical description.
        Understanding these boundaries seems important somehow.
        For now I am concentrating on the space/metaspace boundary.

        So far, it looks like the organising principles of topology are at work unifying the physical and the mental (space/metaspace). Topology is the structure found in self-organising-systems(life). These can be simple chemical paths, or they can be complex neural paths.

        The topology defines how life re-concentrates what entropy has scattered - sometimes called "negentropy". (I suspect that the overall progress of entropy will not be exceded - it is yet to be shown if Newton's laws of thermodynamics apply beyond local observation).

        For all of life there is a continuous cycle of space->observation->metaspace->action->change (repeat).

        The driving engine behind that transition seems to be entropy.

        Observation lags behind the moment, action precedes the moment.
        Metaspace is not bound to the moment as tightly as entropic space is - it creates a noise field around the strict vector of entropy through time. This noise field can be regarded as "choice" it is a field of potential action - very much like the probability fields seen in quantum mechanics.
        The more complex the life-form, the greater this field of potential becomes.

        It looks like life itself creates new dimensions of time - and new dimensions of time create new universes.
        The big questions are: are we all in the same universe at any given instant? Or are we in all of them? Or are we only in our own? Or are we in a subset of them? and.. does this apply equally for space and meta-space?

        The boundary between mind and spirit? I haven't got that far.
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          Jun 24 2012: We can not scientifically examine the meta world. We can only feel and observe and at times measure the effects of the meta world on the physical world.
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        Jun 24 2012: Oh, I think the meta world (Mind) is giving up its secrets very rapidly these days.
        One must be careful not to mysticise it.
        When you consider that a mind is not disconnected from other minds, it gets easer to comprehend.

        Spirit, on the other hand, is a lot more elusive to examination.
        That is something that we will not find in someone's head, or even in any particular species.
        Lets get the metaverse understood first - then, I think, spirituality will become obvious.

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