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What mistake defines you?

Hi, I've launched a website recently (www.recycledmistakes.com) and I'm trying to see how people deal with their own mistakes.
I was wondering if have an idea of that thing you did (or didn't do) in your past that has lead to where you are in life now?
Did you learn anything important?



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    Jun 15 2012: A very good topic Ricardo,
    According to me , I won't say I committed a mistake by not following my passion for music since my school days.

    Now I am a software engineer (I was interested in programming but not passionate though) and in my 3 years of IT industry experience , I realized my hidden talents apart from music. I could counsel people, come up with solutions to a problem ,Spirituality, Psychology and Philosophy, entrepreneurship.
    So some times mistakes are bound to happen , but thats what redefines you. If one does not make mistakes, there is hardly anything one learns. Mistakes are meant to make you stronger.


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