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Is an atoms similar from the atom of big band time?

An atom is like a cloud of charges, the surrounding being negatively charged while the nucleus being positively charged with neutron in it [i have no understanding about the neutron.

i have few questions...

1. After big bang, were all the atoms generated?
2. is there any change in the structure of the atoms since then?
3. do we have equal number of atoms since the big bang till now? because we can not generate anything,,just can change the form?


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    Jun 13 2012: Thanks a lot Kritz....

    Well, how much sure we are that big bang actually happened? [hope you dont mind telling]

    so, we might not having any idea that whether there was matter or not..juts before big bang....!

    well, there can me many questions can be asked further....like why atoms happened the way it is now?

    is there any concept of perfect mettle? e.g., Gold.... can we take it as a mettle that can not be further improved?

    when atoms are distroyed...do we get energy?

    I am sorry if i asked too much questions.
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      Jun 13 2012: hard question, how sure it is. astronomers are pretty sure, but you know, it is in their character. scientists were always sure about what they were telling. let's say we have several evidence all pointing in this direction, and no other explanations were presented so far. but if you don't like the idea, there is still hope :)

      atoms created and destroyed all the time. life is created and destroyed all the time. why we have the animals and plants we have now? why we have the people we have now? the answer of science is that ... it just happened. like fallen tree leaves in storm, they end up somewhere, but there is no logic in it. remember, that is the scientific answer, might be not the final one.

      similarly, no perfect one exists. which is the perfect animal? who is the perfect person? these values are human values, nature does not care.

      when atoms destroyed, we either get energy or not, depending on what happens. many times it needs energy to destroy them.
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        Jun 14 2012: Thanks again Krisz....

        i think what you are saying is actually correct. Science does not give all the answer as a final answer but the most probable one and most suitable one. And it always leave 5% area to be fallen wrong. and this uncertainty leads to the progress of science.

        i have many questions regarding the theory of evolution and also the Big bang. i think we jut stop at the point of Big Bang and we cant go before it!

        What do you think...i mean in your personal opinion.... The evolution is still going on in human? see X-men kind of thing may look comic...but can we hope that Human can get some powers like breathing under see without having any tool of it?
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          Jun 14 2012: i don't need to formulate opinion on the speed of evolution, because it is researched and known. actually, human evolution is faster now then say 500 thousand years ago. much faster. in what direction it goes, i don't know, but it does not matter too much. the evolution is slow, even if faster than ever. civilization, society, technology changes much much faster. our world can change entirely within a 100 years due to technology. but evolution can not bring new things any less than a few tens of thousands of years. so from our viewpoint, evolution is in a standstill, no matter how fast it goes in its own timeframe.
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      Jun 16 2012: Perfection is a human concept,
      How would you define perfection for a metal/element or atom?

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