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Looking at decreasing numbers of tigers ,is it appropriate to declare no man's land in tigers habitat areas?

In context of nepal ,people(Tharu community) live in tiger habitating jungles and it has been found that they are involved in tiger poaching.To get more money from chinese businessman,they are in competition for tiger killing .

  • Jun 14 2012: I do not think that it is fare to declare the space that theses tigers and native people exist to be called no mans land. These people have had interactions with tigers for many generations. But you have a point that things have changed, and poaching is more common in todays world. I think that the only way to consider theses parts of nepal no-mans-land, is to have it turned into a national part where there is no poaching (smilier to india with the white horned rhino) but untill that happens theses parts cannot be considered no-mans-land.