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What happens after we die?

People will often wonder, well what happens after we die? Everyone has asked this question at least once in their life it would be foolish to deny that. And it's funny because, well I mean it's pretty self explanatory we die, there's a big funeral (most of the time) people come and mourn over your body then they dig a hole and put you in it. We have SEEN what happens to people when they die and we can go to the nearest grave yard and have a whole post death stake-out.
But if that's the case then why is it that we ask that question? Why is it that seeing what happens after we die isn't enough for us? We know what happens after we die, yet when the philosopher, the teacher, the artist, the scientist, and the homeless man the lays there head down at night they wonder. Is this all there is, is this all I'm good for, just this life and then I vanish?

Ecclesiastes 3:11 it says "He has made everything beautiful in it's time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end."


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  • Jun 16 2012: I'm not sure whether an answer combining philosophy, astronomy and psychology would work here. But let me try if you folks won't mind.

    What happens after we die? If we scrutinize to the meaning of this question we can see cause for this question. Let's ask some other questions to face this question.

    What's the need to know the happenings after death ? What makes one to think or worry about an event that's not encountered by himself yet?

    A) Fear of death or becoming nothing B) Curiosity C) Love for life

    I'm not gonna answer for this :) But the idea is, whatever the answer you choose would be the answer you want subconsciously. So explore it :)

    And in a broad way, we all die. Nothing happens to an individual after death. It's just all quarks and neutrons. Thus the existence gonna be there. But again, when i say we'd end up as molecules it's not molecules of us. It's molecules of matter which constitute the universe the whole existence. So every particle as what we end up as would not have an intuition of 'I' or 'Me'. It becomes a particle of existence which in turn would be recycled to take another form of anything. And this recycling is not reincarnation. If I'm putting it right, the recycled form would not have any of this present 'I" in it. It's gonna be an entirely new form. We can console ourselves to save from fear of death by saying that we gonna be in the universe in other forms after death. But logically, that other form's not gonna have any residue of this present 'Me'.

    And this question is the question of human race since it's evolution. The reason can be noted mainly because that we're not accepting the nothingness or the eventuality. That's the conflict between conscious and subconscious and that's the conflict between the reason and the cause. We tended to find solutions for it in a way that those solutions would suit our purposes of being. That has formed the various belief systems on death..
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      Jun 16 2012: Dear Rajasangeethan John,
      I think it is great to include philosophy, astronomy and psychology because I believe the topic, "what happens after we die" to include everything that is, was and will be for all of us.

      I have encountered death, and I do not worry about it. So, love of life is my answer to the question why would I want to explore death. I believe that how we live our life is the important piece at this time, because we are here, now. It is always fun to ponder and speculate:>)

      I agree that what happens when we die is that we become molecules of matter ( or energy) which constitute the whole universe...and beyond. I agree that the recycled form does not have any of this present "I" in it. None of the human characteristics at least. I believe we retain and have access to all information regarding the "I" in human physical form, as well as other forms. When I had the NDE/OBE, there was a sense of all knowing.

      I agree that the various belief systems regarding death have developed based on our need to explain death, and often people form their beliefs based on what they are taught in human form, because humans like to think they/we "know" the answers. So, we sometimes make the answers fit a certain established belief system.

      Reincarnation was not at all part of my belief system prior to the NDE. However, while in the spirit/energy state, I knew that if I did not come back at this time, in this body, I would come back in another body. So, now I do believe in reincarnation. I agree that the next form, has none of the characteristics of the form I am in now. The only thing I may be aware of and have access to is information learned in other forms.
      • Jun 16 2012: Hi Colleen,

        I commented the previously considering all of us. I didn't mean you and your experiences alone. I apologize if that comment meant anything in that way.

        The life or the essence of existence is, you know, is that it just exist. Considering the vastness of the existence, our lives are unaccountable. If we look in broader spectrum, human is a combination of energy that takes a form for a period of time after which it dismantles back to energy state. During the period in which these energy constitute body and brain, the brain with its unlimited and complex trafficking of neurons create some transactions which our sense with use of language and evolutionary ideas, conceive as thoughts, emotions, ideas etc. But all these ideas or thoughts have got nothing to do with the whole existence of the universe or multiverse or matter. It should be seen as a flow of energy in course of which it takes various forms which dismantles to form basic molecules which again in course might take any form like a human, a rock or whatever. Again that's not necessarily be the same form and the probability of such a consecutive occurrence needs infinite occurrences to occur in the same way with same combination.

        If i put it another way, may be in an abstract way, clouds form shape in the sky not wanting to form a shape. They get shape in course of their direction or air or the other entities then they again become formless. And that cloud might have a lot of transaction by itself which we might not be aware of. We don't even care if there's any. For us, they form, they disappear. That's what human life is. All the conceptions and ideas that we generate aren't a matter of concern for the existence. For the existence, in it's point of view (if it's got one) we're just a formation of energy in its course. Because it knows that nothing works as our conceptual thinking conceives.

        We form for no reason, we die for no reason. We live to find reason. And that reason got no reason :)
        • Jun 16 2012: R.J.

          ... Rather anemic perspective on life ... I would say...
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          Jun 17 2012: Rajasangeethan John,
          I also commented considering all of us, and I share part of my personal experience, while agreeing with, and adding to your comment. Would you feel more comfortable if I do not respond to you on this open forum?

          I do not agree that our lives are "unaccountable". That may be your personal perception, which I respect, and I feel very accountable for my life, the direction of my life, and the choices I make within the life experience.

          I do look at the broader spectrum, and agree that the human is a combination of energy that takes a form for a period of time.

          I do not agree that all these ideas or thoughts have nothing to do with the whole existence of the universe or multiverse. I believe that everything is connected with energy....a flow of energy, as you insightfully recognize:>)

          I do agree that we are partly a formation of energy, and do not agree that all the conceptions and ideas that we generate aren't a matter of concern for the existence. You may be right...it's a point of view. I like to think and feel that my life has reason, meaning, and is indeed a matter of concern....at least to me:>) If I thought for a moment that I was here on this earth school for no reason...that I live and die for no reason...the human experience would feel dull to me.
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          Jun 18 2012: Daniel,

          1) just because you might judge there being no absolute reason or objective meaning for life as anaemic doesn't mean it isn't correct.

          2) if there is no simple objective meaning, that doesn't mean we can not have rich and fulfilling lives.

          Strange how many can live happily with what may be a delusion in terms of this god or that goddess but can not imagine having a fulfilling life without some god given purpose. Not implying you do or don't think that. Just an observation from experience.

          The creator of the universe taking a personal interest in each of us seems somewhat self indulgent to me. She could. Who knows. Interventionist gods seem most unlikely.

          Look around, painful childbirth, sickness, injury, disease, aging.
          The breakdown of our bodies after death.
          Animals living by eating other living things.
          99% of species extinct.
          Earthquakes, storms, floods, and the lifeless expanse of space.
          Not much warm fuzzy objective meaning in reality.
          Some think this is created.
          Yet we have evolved to think, to feel, to hope, to love to dream. Somehow in the survival of the fittest we were born and we can find our own meaning with or without mythical gods and unproven afterlife.

          Colleen, you could be right about reincarnation. I suggest a NDE experience does not quite meet the burden of proof. Its not the same as a conscious experience after brain death or your body and brain completely breaking down. While NDE is about as close as we can get, and gives many peace, actual life after death would appear to be unverifiable.

          Even if we could copy or reboot our consciousness and memories into computer or artificial body/brain we still wouldn't know.

          I wonder if other animals have NDE?

          I tend to agree with RJ based on current information.

          We agree on focusing on life before death in a positive sense.
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          Jun 18 2012: Obey,
          I am not offering my experience as "proof" of anything, nor am I trying to be "right". I am simply addressing the topic question (what happens after we die) with my story and my beliefs based on my experience.

          You say an NDE is "not the same as a conscious experience after brain death or your body and brain completely breaking down".

          Obey, the body and brain WERE completely breaking down after the accident and emergency craniotomy, and the body was kept alive with life support systems. I have medical records to prove that. Although I was unconscious according to the medical model and medical records, I experienced other levels of consciousness. The part of the brain that allows me to speak and connect on a human level was disabled, and other consciousness was available to me.

          I'm really not trying to prove anything, and I don't care what others believe, as long as those beliefs do not manifest into practices that adversely impact others. I am simply shareing my story in regards to the topic question.

          Yes, we seem to agree that how we live our life is the important piece:>)
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          Jun 19 2012: Hi Colleen,

          I understand you are not trying to prove anything. You are just sharing a profound experience. I'm not arguing with you or trying to convince you of anything either. Just exploring.

          A NDE as you describe is about as close we can get to being permanently dead.

          To clarify we have no evidence of consciousness without some sort of brain structure. Being unconscious, not breathing etc, brain damaged or even no measurable brain activity is not the same consciousness after the brain has decomposed.

          Maybe even without oxygen something is still going on that relys on brain structure. Maybe some forms of consciousness do not need measurable brain activity. Maybe consciousness doesn't even need a brain structure for a short time or for ever. More questions here than answers.

          I can imagine some form of consciousness persisting for some time in the brain even if damaged, starved of oxygen etc but not completely obliterated. But I'm just speculating.

          Do we have any idea how a consciousness would actually see surroundings without eyes or hear or feel. Most likely a hallucination like a dream, but who knows.

          In my own mind, NDE is not proof of reincarnation or even life after death. I know you are not proposing your experience as proof. You weren't actually reincarnated.

          Maybe we could come up with some ways of pointing towards reincarnation being real if memories of the past life were accessible. Otherwise, very hard to verify reincarnation. Just like life after death would be difficult to confirm even if it were real.

          Even if someone was dead and decomposed and their body/brain was somehow repaired and brought back to life from a DNA samplewould their perceived memories or conscious experience of the dead time be proof? Maybe, if we could correlate their memories with events on earth while they were dead. But not if they experienced being in some other place. Life after death may be unverifiable.

          How do we separate what happens in our head from reality
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          Jun 21 2012: Obey,
          You stated..."Colleen, you could be right about reincarnation. I suggest a NDE experience does not quite meet the burden of proof."

          To clarify...again...I am not suggesting that I am right, nor am I trying to "meet the burden of proof". I am simply sharing a story about an experience I had.

          I understand that there is no evidence regarding consciousness/unconsciousness, what it is or how it works. I'm offering some ideas, based on an experience. I too offer information with the intent of further exploration.

          You ask..."Do we have any idea how a consciousness would actually see surroundings without eyes or hear or feel?"

          Yes, I believe I do have an idea. In my perception and experience, consciousness is carried by energy. The closest I can come to a description of what I experienced is ESP...a sense of all knowing without the human senses.

          You write..."Maybe we could come up with some ways of pointing towards reincarnation being real if memories of the past life were accessible".

          In my perception, many memories of past lives ARE accessible. I agree with you that this information is not verifiable.

          I do not believe that the body/brain can be repaired and brought back to life after being decomposed. In my perception and experience, once the body/brain dies, the energy that fuels the body transfers to another form.

          You ask..."How do we separate what happens in our head from reality".

          In my perception, what happens in our head is part of reality. Just because we cannot see it, does not mean it is not real. In my perception, our thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions are very real, and they all manifest as part of the reality of the life experience.

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