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What happens after we die?

People will often wonder, well what happens after we die? Everyone has asked this question at least once in their life it would be foolish to deny that. And it's funny because, well I mean it's pretty self explanatory we die, there's a big funeral (most of the time) people come and mourn over your body then they dig a hole and put you in it. We have SEEN what happens to people when they die and we can go to the nearest grave yard and have a whole post death stake-out.
But if that's the case then why is it that we ask that question? Why is it that seeing what happens after we die isn't enough for us? We know what happens after we die, yet when the philosopher, the teacher, the artist, the scientist, and the homeless man the lays there head down at night they wonder. Is this all there is, is this all I'm good for, just this life and then I vanish?

Ecclesiastes 3:11 it says "He has made everything beautiful in it's time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end."


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    Jun 12 2012: Does it make a difference. The real question is how did you live your life here on Earth. If you lived your life well and believe in God you will be rewarded. If you do not believe and lived your life in the fast lane. Then you shall also be rewarded. To argue over beliefs serves little purpose.

    When a wise man and a fool argue .... after a while it is hard to tell which is which.

    All the best. Bob
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      Jun 13 2012: I agree Bob,
      The important question is how do we live our lives here on earth. Sometimes a LOT of attention is given to speculation about what happens after this life adventure, and in my perception, this moment...here and now is the most important moment.
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      Jun 13 2012: Rob you definitely have a good point, and I won't argue that...I will say though that whether one believes in an eternal life will greatly affect the decisions he or she makes now as opposed to the person who believes this is all there is. It's two completely different mindsets, should I make all the money I can, live the hedonist lifestyle because life is short...or should I invest and sacrifice for something greater, something eternal.
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        Jun 13 2012: "should I make all the money I can," I guess you are talking about money grubbing television preachers - tax free too.

        I'd suggest it is not as black and white as non believers are all hedonists and believers invest and sacrifice for some mythical after life or at least to avoid hell.

        Are all non believers hedonists? Of course not. Can a non believer work to have a meaningful life and plan for their future or even the future of the planet and their children etc. Of course.

        Your characterisation is intended is rather lame.
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          Jun 13 2012: My intention isn't to characterize it's to draw out of people how they feel on the topic and have a rational discussion. Im not assuming all non believers are hedonists while all believers live perfect lives because I don't believe that to be true at all I was giving an example and stating what plays a role in the decisions we make.

          Putting words in my mouth won't solve anything, and yes I feel there are plenty of preachers who don't have it together who represent Christ in a false way, preachers who molest children, who take money, who are hypocrites in every way

          the last thing I think is that christians are high and holy and above everyone else...I think we are humans just like everyone else who make mistakes and make bad decisions as we do good ones...Paul the apostle himself killed christians before coming to know Christ but I do believe we share a truth, and this is why I have discussions because I want to understand other people and how they feel and think and believe..not to force beliefs on anybody but to have discussions in understanding what all this is about.
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        Jun 13 2012: Devon,
        I agree that decisions made by a person who believes in an eternal life, may be different than decisions made by a person who believes this is all there is. I also agree with Obey, that it is not as black and white as your statement seems to indicate. Do you think/feel intent may have any influence on this topic and/or your statements?

        Are you honestly trying to facilitate an unbiased topic discussion? Or is your intent to preach your own beliefs?
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          Jun 13 2012: Colleen, I think that as soon as I mention God people have a tendency close me off as a biased preacher who wants to force there beliefs on people and I don't blame them since theres plenty of throat plungers out there. But although I do have my beliefs and I believe one thing and only one thing (unlike what people tell you to do and believe many things at once which is foolish), I don't have the intention of forcing anything on anyone. In my conversations I'm not being prejudice, I'm thinking and speaking with reason and actual experience and therefore not being biased but just having a rational conversation. I desire to know what other people have to say, and to talk with them about it, that's all.

          With that said, I would love to hear your story :)
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        Jun 14 2012: Thanks for the clarification Devon. I guess I should avoid sarcasm online.
        Apologies for putting words in your mouth to counter what I assumed you were saying from what I read.
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          Jun 14 2012: Devon,
          My observation is that people may turn from a discussion of god because of HOW it is presented...not necessarily simply because you mention him/her/it.

          Too bad you find embracing many different beliefs "foolish". I like it! You are effectively demonstrating the importance of HOW we participate in a discussion. Why do you think I would be attracted to a discussion in which you tell me my beliefs are "foolish"?

          I do not perciece that you are "thinking and speaking with reason" Devon. It feels like you are thinking, speaking and writing with prejudice. A rational conversation, does NOT include telling those who do not agree with you that their beliefs are "foolish".

          With that said, I honestly don't feel like telling you anything about my story. I believe I pick up the same things that Obey is picking up when reading your comments.
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          Jun 14 2012: Thank you Obey I apologize also for not being as clear as I should have.

          Colleen, no you misunderstand me. Not once have I bashed anyones specific belief whether it be the Muslim the Christian or the Atheist people have their own reasons why they believe these things. What I was saying is that to believe all these to be true in their entirety would be foolish when they themselves contradict each other, to be a devout atheist and a devout christian at the same time would make no sense what so ever, come on now colleen, lets be real.
          Although I feel it's best to put the whole topic itself to rest since people are growing sensitive
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        Jun 15 2012: Devon,
        I think I understand you pretty well, simply by reading your clear comments. I am pretty "real" Devon, and there is no need to be condescending. People are often sensitive when told that their beliefs are foolish. It appears that you started this comment thread to try to promote your own religious beliefs.
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          Jun 15 2012: it just makes no sense to believe an orange is an orange and a watermelon at the same time. It's not rational or logical on any terms whatsoever intellectually or spiritually and you're going to call me out and say I'm being condescending for pointing out a fact? If you were a muslim i would never say your foolish, if you were atheist i wouldn't say you were foolish if you were christian or buddhist i wouldn't say you were foolish, but believing all of them in their entirety to be true. Yes colleen, it's foolish and I'm not saying you are..but the belief itself is. And I think even you know that
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          Jun 15 2012: And no the thread wasn't started to promote beliefs it was to discuss them and if you couldn't see that before all this sparked up to a mess then i can't help you
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          Jun 16 2012: Devin,

          What is a devout atheist?

          I must be a devout non golf player as I don't play golf, and a devout non believer in big foot etc.

          I get your point regarding conflicting specific beliefs. Perhaps when you don't have any way to differentiate ideas they are all equally fruit of our minds.
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        Jun 15 2012: Dear Devon,
        I'm not looking for your help...thanks anyway:>) If you percieve this conversation to have "sparked up to a mess" perhaps it is because it is not going as you wanted it to go? It certainly is not going as you were trying to direct it:>)

        It makes all the sense in the world to believe in oranges and watermelons at the same time. They are both occupying my refrigerator side by side right now:>)

        Just as I am open to oranges and watermelons existing at the same time, I am also open to various beliefs existing at the same time. And it is not foolish Devon. Each and every belief is important "truth" to the one who believes. I don't think you "know" what I "know" so there's no point in suggesting that you know more about me than I know about myself.

        Based on what you have expressed here on this comment thread, your beliefs seem to be limited. That's ok if you make that choice for yourself. It serves no useful purpose to tell others that they are foolish for having a more expanded belief.
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      Jun 13 2012: Although to say that living your life well and believing in God and you'll be rewarded would be the same as living your life in the fast lane and being rewarded would be completely contradictory. That's like saying if you work diligently and invest extra time and effort into your job you will get a raise and will still get that raise even if you slack off and do what you want, not even show up to work, who cares its just work....therefore beliefs are extremely important. To judge someone for what they believe is one thing, but to give light to a situation is another.
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        Jun 13 2012: You seem to be assuming atheism = living in the fast lane.
        I guess most people living in the fast lane in the US are believers, simply because most people are believers.

        Beliefs can be questioned but actions are probably more important. You might also consider motives. I note atheists who do good things are not doing it to convert people.
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        Jun 13 2012: Devon,
        Bob's very first statement is clear..."The real question is how did you live your life here on Earth".
        To me, that suggests motives...intent. Not...what did we do, but "HOW" did we do it?

        A person may diligently invest extra time and effort into a job to get a raise while unkindly stepping on other people to gain what s/he wants to achieve (a raise). Just like a person may believe in a god and afterlife and treat people unkindly, while having his/her goal clearly in mind...a happy afterlife.

        You are absolutely "right" Devon..."beliefs are extremely important". I suggest that how we use and live those beliefs is even more important:>)
      • Jun 13 2012: Devon,

        Belief is not as important as what in fact.... IS..

        One can believe what ever one likes... but the final and most important line is what is actually true.
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      Jun 13 2012: apples will never be oranges
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        Jun 16 2012: I agree it is unlikely Buddhist reincarnation occurs alongside a Christian heaven or Norse Valhalla, but they are all fruit of our minds.

        For someone like me all the supernatural assertions without reasonable evidence are unfounded.

        One may be closest to the truth or they may all share some pointers towards reality to different degrees.

        The Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu etc belief systems are in many ways equally valid unless you have some evidence to the contrary.
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      Jun 13 2012: And to be honest preparing for the future is a huge part of living in the moment, so just because someone believes in eternity doesn't mean he or she can't live in the moment, on the contrary that hope gives us joy in each and every moment we experience allowing us to live the moment to its fullest. Although there are plenty of people who just talk about the future but never do anything
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        Jun 13 2012: I agree Devon, that preparing for the future is part of living in the moment. Yes, perhaps "hope gives us joy in each and every moment". The next question is does it also provide joy for the whole of humankind? Are we working toward creating simply our own joy? Or are we, at the same time contributing to the whole of humankind?

        Yes, there certainly are people who "just talk about the future but never do anything". Just as there are people who talk about their beliefs and do not live them.
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      Jun 13 2012: By the way, Rob I liked what you had to say about whether intention mattered in one of your conversations, how you said no one can offend you without your permission (paraphrased lol). I like that mindset.
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      Jun 13 2012: Bob,
      as long as we dont know whats waiting after death, we wont know whether it will make a difference on our lifes here. the reason why we think , what happens after death really wont make a difference in this life, is that we believe ... we didn't existed before our birth. we believe birth is our starting point and death is the ending. some belive, death maynot be the ending, but it will be a different story after death... but if we think of this as a 'cycle', like a soul - birth - death - soul cycle... what happens after death will make a difference. before birth, we were a soul and after death we again goes back to our true entity or soul. what if its like we change our clothes. we change our body when one body is no more good enough for lively process...like we leave worn out clothes, souls leave worn out bodies??? is just a thought and maybe a possibility too.

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