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As a TEDx organizers I wish there were this feature on ted.com/tedx. Please propose a suggestion or an idea around future functionality.

We are working on a road map for future functionally on ted.com/tedx. We would like input from the community of TEDx organizers. What would you like to be able to do on ted.com/tedx?


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    Jun 20 2012: Aside from the fact that the current tedx pages are already very good and quite complete in information

    Some improvements ideas
    - I think the spatial mapping can improve (auto zoom after entering a search term, option to get it on bigger screen)
    - Linking the talks to the location of the event (after they appear online)
    - +1 to Amy's ideas (city 2.0 integration)
    - The link to the TEDx pages on the main site is quite small. I don't think most TEDx visitors come to these pages, but are most often reached through the TEDx Websites. I don't know how to improve connections between the two without increasing the workload of the webmasters... I think the same goes for the TEDx Blog

    - As TEDx organisers and teams are getting to know each other better and better (through the various events and personal contacts and meetups), I still think that eshtablishing a network between the different TEDx events might be a nice feature (My idea was that each TEDx connects with the 6 nearest TEDx events around them, with 6 TEDx events in the same continent, and 6 TEDx events worldwide). Visualizing these connections might be a neat feature.

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