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As a TEDx organizers I wish there were this feature on ted.com/tedx. Please propose a suggestion or an idea around future functionality.

We are working on a road map for future functionally on ted.com/tedx. We would like input from the community of TEDx organizers. What would you like to be able to do on ted.com/tedx?


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    Jun 20 2012: TEDx Prize

    Giving the awards from TED to most incredible TEDx event and featuring it on the ted.com/tedx.
    Maybe I think that we can have some sections like "Good WEB design", "Good Promotion Video", "Good Stories", "Good Venue Design", "Good Marketing Strategy", "Good TEDx Speakers" etc.

    This is not just function on ted.com/tedx but I think that it will encourage people who are already involved in each TEDx and make creative people such as designer and filmmaker feel to want to get involved in TEDx more.
    And it also effects partnership.

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