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As a TEDx organizers I wish there were this feature on ted.com/tedx. Please propose a suggestion or an idea around future functionality.

We are working on a road map for future functionally on ted.com/tedx. We would like input from the community of TEDx organizers. What would you like to be able to do on ted.com/tedx?


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    Jun 14 2012: Integrate the TEDPrize/ City 2.0

    Our community wants ways to act on ideas worth spreading. They generate more ideas than our team at TEDxHuntsville can implement - if there is a way to help them share and collaborate without our oversight or perhaps collaborate with other TEDx communities who want to get involved beyond a conference, that would be valuable.

    It would also be great to browse TEDx design inspiration like website screenshots, branding, promo videos. This content could be submitted and ranked by users.

    I also really like TEDxAmsterdam's Ideas worth doing initiative that shares and ranks actions by various TEDx-ers. Would be a great way to inspire action worth spreading!

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