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As a TEDx organizers I wish there were this feature on ted.com/tedx. Please propose a suggestion or an idea around future functionality.

We are working on a road map for future functionally on ted.com/tedx. We would like input from the community of TEDx organizers. What would you like to be able to do on ted.com/tedx?


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    Jun 12 2012: Looking at the site information architecture as it is now, it serves a couple of different masters: people who want to know more about TEDx, and those who organize TEDx events.

    I think a key question is: Should ted.com/tedx be about and for us, or for the public who visits TED.com?

    If the former, I think we have a lot of places we, as organizers, can access content to help us put on successful TEDx events. I'm not sure if how we do what we do needs to be on display to the public on TED.com.

    With the latter focus (having a great experience when visiting ted.com/tedx as a member of the public - not a TEDx organizer), I wish the focus was more on highlighting the talks (those "ideas worth spreading") like on the homepage of TED.com. Perhaps, in addition to the sorting features on the homepage, there's an added option of sorting by region, state or country. I'd still see there being About TEDx, Find an Event, etc.

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