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As a TEDx organizers I wish there were this feature on ted.com/tedx. Please propose a suggestion or an idea around future functionality.

We are working on a road map for future functionally on ted.com/tedx. We would like input from the community of TEDx organizers. What would you like to be able to do on ted.com/tedx?


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    Jun 12 2012: As the TEDxSuzhou organizer, I wish there were some sort of Social Media feature on ted.com/tedx.

    Because I feel TEDxSuzhou miss many people who are in TEDx Community, living Suzhou and also have same passion. I met some other TEDx organizers on TED Audition and most of us don't know each other.

    How can we connect with each other through ted.com/tedx? Connect people based on common ground, such as interests, career, location, etc.

    ( http://www.douban.com/location ) This is a website I use for TEDxSuzhou's team building at the very beginning and it works. It helps me to find people in same city with same passion and interests.

    Connect and Be Connected. Based on common ground, I wish the feature on ted.com/tedx can connect people, connect ideas, connect action.

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