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Is ADD as prevalent as we think it is?

I know so many kids who claim to be victims of Attention Deficit Disorder that it could be seen as an epidemic.

I consider myself a true millennial, hampered with a serious case of ‘I want it now’ syndrome and guilty of countless cases of impulsive multitasking. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I have a behavioral disorder. Rather, I think of myself as a product of my fast-moving environment. Technology is only getting faster and faster, and with that, the way we think will continue to adapt.

What do you think?

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  • Jul 8 2012: I feel compelled to respond to this conversation. I see points that all of you are making, and I do agree that ADHD is the diagnosis du jour. However, it is most important to consider the other side of this story. The current diagnosis of ADHD per the DSM-IV is the result of many years of consistent symptomatolgy that were finally given a name. The naming certainly resonated with many as the rates of diagnosis seem to have skyrocketed. We must not forget however, that there are tools and assessments, that although may not be perfect, are available to help support or confirm diagnosis of ADHD. Most patients don't have the resources to have these tests done, and the majority of the physicians prescribing meds aren't versed in the diagnostics.

    I have lived with ADHD/LD my entire life, but wasnt diagnosed until mid 30's (dx via brain scan/ neurocog assessment). Although I've been somewhat successful (BA,BS,MBA,MS), my true dream of becoming a doctor was never realized. In school people thought I was lazy or not applying myself. I tried so many times to explain that I was doing my best, but no one heard me. I decided at the age of 37 to give med school one last try. I began working in a research lab to gain experience and was blowing my team away with my medical knowledge and diagnostic abilities. Physician after physician would tell me that this was my life's calling and I was going to make an amazing Neurologist. Each medical school admissions committee I spoke to said the same thing, do well on your MCATs and you should be in pretty good shape. FF to $15,000 in prep courses, and 2 failed MCATs, I'm writing this to you not as a medical school applicant, but as an adult with ADHAD/LD who wanted nothing more than to be a doctor, worked her butt off for it, but because the standardized testing systems only accommodate standard thinkers, can only dream of what could have been. I'm not saying every diagnosis is legit, but to those w/a legit DX, it's REAL.
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      Jul 9 2012: Hi Erica,

      I have to begin by applauding your perseverance and hard work. I hope you understand that I do in fact know ADHD is a real thing and have sympathy for those who struggle with it everyday. I'm curious about your difficulties with test taking and if you've been prescribed medication (adderall, Vyvance, etc) for those reasons, akin to most adolescents these days?


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