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Do you believe that evolution is ultimately over for humans?

The term 'evolution' refers not to just small or extreme changes in genetics but also small or extreme changes in physical characterisitcs and prowess.


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  • Jun 12 2012: As we all know, the only constant in this universe is change. Everything always changes, everything either moves forward or backward. Nothing stagnates or stops moving.
    For 1000s of years humans have been evolving primarily on the physical level. More recently the bulk of humanity has evolved hugely on the intellectual level. Now I believe that we are on the threshold of embarking on our next evolutionary stage, the spiritual level.
    Of course , evolution is not totally linear. There are always humans living on this planet evolving simultanuosly on different levels. There are still relatively undeveloped tribes who have not yet moved far along the scale of intellectual development, but might have already experienced considerable spiritual development.
    Plus the way we humans are degrading our environment, the matrix that sustains us, it is quite possible that we are going to regress on the physical level.

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