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Thinking The Unthinkable

I am in the process of writing a script, because I want to create something I personally will enjoy and something that is new, original and different. Surely all ideas cannot have already been thought. As I began searching the principals of a new thought I have become more and more intrigued.
Is there such thing as a new thought?
Is every thought originally from a combination of other thoughts?
If thoughts come form our environment then does the discovery of something new create new thoughts or have any impact at all?
I don't even know what I'm getting at. Your thoughts?


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  • Jun 14 2012: Interesting thought.

    There are new thoughts, just that there's probably no new concepts.
    I think i can scale the wall with a rope (500 BC)
    I think i can scale the building with suction cups (2012)
    I think I could scale the wall with a photon gun (2040)

    Kinda like the theory that there are no new stories to tell when they're boiled down, just different ways to tell them as society 'evolves' (and I use that term loosely).

    If you want to come up with new thoughts and creative ideas on your own - try researching sensory deprivation plunging you into a world of your own mind and see what it has to tell you. Try inventing a story with a word you've only ever seen in a dictionary definition. Try explaining something you can't see and are not educated on.

    It doesn't matter if someone else has thought the idea, they didn't think it like you do. If you do something similar to my suggestions, you aren't going to derive your idea on the thought based on another person's notions. It'll be your take on the idea with no outside influence and that will make it truly original.

    Good luck!

    I think

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