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Why aren't there playgrounds for adults?

Adults will readily play when given the permission and opportunity. I think adult playgrounds could be one step towards making society more approving of play.



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  • Jun 21 2012: Because we have clubs, pubs and children will be neglected, when you have children playtime is over, for a while anyway's.
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      Jul 7 2012: Hi Stewart,
      You say that when you have children, playtime is over for awhile. That was not my experience with having kids at all. Observing the playfullness of the kids constantly reminded me to stay connected with the "kid" in myself. Children are open, honest, trusting, curious, and unconditionally loving. These are qualities we often spend our entire life trying to re-connect with. When we are totally engaged with a child in each moment...playing and enjoying their love of life, playtime is not over, but rather joyfully, enthusiastically reinforced....in my humble perception and experience:>)

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