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Does life really get better?

I hear it everyday "Life gets better!" But does life really get better? What is your view on it?

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    Jun 12 2012: It depends on how you define "better." If you think "change" and "interesting" are better, then I would say "yes." Life continues to change and get more interesting as you experience more and new things.

    If by "better" you mean improvement in comparison to your current situation, however, that depends on how you approach life. "Improvement" is relative. If you have a positive attitude and believe you are the agent of your destiny, life will get better because you will do what it takes to get better. If you have a more pessimistic attitude and believe "sh*t happens" all the time, it would be difficult to imagine life getting better because you're primed to look for negative outcomes...which tends to make you overlook (and often steers you away from creating) positive outcomes.

    I believe in the former: Life gets better. But that's because I've convinced myself that everything I do/experience is a learning experience. Even if the results are not what I expected (or wanted), I try to learn from it and store that knowledge for future reference. (Sometimes it takes a bit of cursing to vent my frustration, but I eventually get to the appreciative part. It gets better. ;) )

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