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Does life really get better?

I hear it everyday "Life gets better!" But does life really get better? What is your view on it?

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    Jun 12 2012: I feel like life is what you make it. It may be really tough on you, but what really matters is the outcome. If it tough, it makes you stronger and develops your character. If life was just black and white, or a field with flowers, than what would be the fun of it? You have to overcome all these "obstacles" in order to achieve your best interests and wants. However, it may sound easy to talk about life, when we are not suffering because of lack of food, shelter of cloth. If we compare it to these needs, there is enough evidence to make us feel that life is good, and you do not need anything else.

    One of my curiosities and my goals in life, is finding the purpose of it, part of which is your wonderful question. In an optimistic view, you would say that life does get better, and you keep hoping that you will achieve your goals and so on. But I feel that in a more realistic view, life does not get better. You get better, your point-of-views get better because the change, while gaining different experiences that make you grow and look at life differently.

    In addition, life would be pointless without suffering. The point is "how much suffering". If we are able to reduce suffering and learn how to live, to serve the community and be happy, then yes, life gets better.

    Best wishes!

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