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Do you think gay marriage will be universally accepted in the next 10 years?

As gay marriage is being more and more accepted in several parts of the world the issue remains very controversial.

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    Jun 11 2012: The answer depends on what you mean by "universally accepted". If you really mean universally as in all over the planet the answer is a clear no. Many cultures have strongly rooted prejudices against gay marriage and I do not expect such prejudices to be set aside very soon.
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      Jun 11 2012: You're right of course, but I think it will be a complete non-issue in the Western world in the coming years (except the bible belt maybe), considering Obama has publicly endorsed it.
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        Jun 12 2012: Again, it depends on what you mean by the Western world. I can assure you that in countries with a long Catholic tradition like Italy, Poland or Ireland gay marriage won't be accepted that soon. Same goes for countries with a strong Orthodox belief in South-Eastern Europe like Romania, Ukraine or Serbia.

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