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Do you think gay marriage will be universally accepted in the next 10 years?

As gay marriage is being more and more accepted in several parts of the world the issue remains very controversial.

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  • Jun 11 2012: Tolerance for homosexuality/gay marriage is already here but the universal acceptance of gay marriage will require a major paradigm shift in attitude regarding the social value of the practice. Unlike race or religion, acceptance of Gay marriage will probably remain out of the mainstream for a long time to come - not because people cannot come to terms with the practice, but because they cannot find sufficient identity and empathy for the practice.

    Since I am not happy with the reality I just delineated above, perhaps I like to rephrase your question to What will it take for gay marriage to be accepted universally? The answer of course is a universally acceptable and useful social value - like say, population control or sustainable development or ......... anyway, you get the point.

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