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Urban society has it's gifts. Being around people all the time - What have we lost?

Once people could understand carrying capacity, getting food,
and resources in general. Now we have lost that.


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  • Jun 11 2012: We have lost communication! We are around people all the time, but we are too busy and stressed to find the time to get to know those people and to really communicate with them (and "hi, how are u? fine, thanks" does not count as communication)
    We have lost the touch with nature and environment. That's why so few of us care about things like recycling, pollution, being environmental friendly, etc... because we are too far from nature to actually see the effects of our actions on it.
    We have lost the sense of solidarity. There are too many people in the urban society to care for each and every single one of them, so we ended up caring only for ourselves.
    • Jun 11 2012: very good. You and the three(3) others have pointed out our lo0ss in contact with people,too.
      See what Yash has to say. It iis so similiar to your thoughts. All the comments are good.
    • Jun 12 2012: I can't agree with you any more~~You are just expressed what in my mind.

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