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Urban society has it's gifts. Being around people all the time - What have we lost?

Once people could understand carrying capacity, getting food,
and resources in general. Now we have lost that.


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  • Jun 11 2012: George! Glad to discover there are people like you who even think about this question!

    The gifts of the urban society are like sleeping pills... It just gives you the feeling of relaxation, but from within, it hampering you... killing you!
    Today we have last connection with "HUMAN". By this i mean
    We have lost "Connection with the Self":
    the inner soul...
    the inner voice - you can barely hear it, maybe you have even forgotten it exists
    the driving energy - you can hardly feel what is it that drives you to move on in life. Because these days people seem to be driven by money and fame rather than love or respect.
    the purpose - you dont know what you're doing, why you're doing... and you dont realize that hundreds, thousands or million others are doing what you are. every person is unique and has his unique purpose for his life... no one seems to realize this or even try to realize it....
    we try to earn money rather than respect...!
    we try to impress bosses rather than helping colleagues or clients...
    we have no time to thank the almighty even after knowing our lives could have been a disaster had things gone differently...
    we spend hours on the internet, socialing, gathering information, keeping ourselves updated with the news, debate about goverments and discuss politics.... but rarely do we take some time... Stop... and think about the life, the soul, the existence!

    i would conclude by a fact that haunts me:
    There was a time when there were friends... the best of them who stayed at different places, but managed to meet each other at the same place, same time and they had no TELEPHONES then!
    • Jun 11 2012: This adds several other dimensions to what I was concerned about in the question.
      Now you are telling me that we are losing contact with real people.
      so sad and so true.

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