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Urban society has it's gifts. Being around people all the time - What have we lost?

Once people could understand carrying capacity, getting food,
and resources in general. Now we have lost that.


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  • Jun 10 2012: The thing that pains me the most is the loss of the written word. Letters used to be a main method of communication. now things are so fast , emails facebook and twitter people don't stop about what to write. The second would be the developing lack of ability to defer gratification. The must have now attitude that is developing is repressive and harmful in my opinion. The third issue I see ties into the second and that is the ''throw away culture'' that is developing in all of society but can prodmanantly be seen in fashion. Not only are there different fashions every week and the cloths are built to last short periods of time people are losing the skills to fix things, mend socks, tailor cloths... etc This is one example of this... electronics built with faults is another.
    • Jun 11 2012: Outstanding, you've outframed this People no longer live in communities of a few hundred and
      see what their actrions. do., but it is nice to write to an intelligent person. Thanks.

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