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Motivation: link for students

More and more students show difficulties to learn and unstable behaviour. For these students, staying at school it is abhorrent and really hard. There are too many teachers that give them too few motivations. I think that the motivation is the link for students. In this way they won't be lost!


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  • Jun 10 2012: Yes motivation is the key to anything. The world as we know it was created because somebody or group of people was motivated to change the world, and in turn motivated others to carry out that vision. Now how do we motivate students. For me, personally, being a student, motivation came from having some ultimate end that education would take me closer towards. I believe that we need to create a similar thing for students. Of course, everyone is different and responds to different motivations, so the big key that this pursuit of motivation leads to is that schools need to be more individualized, decentralized, and tailored to the needs of the students, not the teachers

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