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If you are an aspiring entrepreneur (Thats right, you too highschoolers) or an accomplished one, could you please respond?

Hey everybody, I am both looking for people who consider themselves entrepreneurial to talk to. If you have a great idea in business, feel free to post, and if you are an experienced business person, any tips and lessons from your journey would be greatly appreciated. High school kids too I want everyone who has some input to respond and contribute something, and maybe even use this question as a networking opportunity.

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    Jun 11 2012: Hi Gregory, I am not an expert in the field but interested in learning. So, I'm also waiting for responses. I hope this comment will be a valuable addition to the number of responses.
  • Jun 10 2012: Im going to respond to my own question in order to make it seem like at least somebody has responded
    This is a form of marketing, which, after all, is an integral part of entrepreneurship