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Change Management: Forced Change OR Free Will ?

After spending a large amount of time in philosophy related to Change Management. I have figured out two ways of bringing about change in a System. Temporary Change Management and Permanent Change Management.

* Temporary Change = Pressure/Force/Order + Terror (Fast Changes)
* Permanent Change = Free Will + Guidance (Logic) (Slow Changes)

We in our daily lives bring about Changes off and on. We choose both the above mechanisms to bring about changes. Temporary Changes give fast results but at times are not sustainable. Permanent Changes are slow changes but are always sustainable. We observe the sun set down at the end of the day but the change is absolutely smooth. Suddenly we look at the sky and it is gone but if we take a challenge to observe the setting down of the sun, we would look at it and get bored after a while as every second we would be adapting to its look and would not be able to feel the change until it is fully gone.

We have seen countries like India and China. China is growing at a pace much faster than India. But, the changes brought about in China are temporary changes, they are not in consent with the Chinese People. India is a democracy. Indians are permitted to question the Government. At the end of the day any decision made in India has a consent of the majority. But it is not so with China. Therefore the changes made in India are slow, and those made in China are fast. But in the long run, India has a sustainable growth. As I feel China would have an internal revolt or demand for freedom in the future.

At times children get into bad habits. And parents are required to control their children. What change mechanism should they adopt in such situations. Pressure/Force without logic would make the child against the family system. Free Will and Guidance and emotions would be the right way of change.


Forced Change OR Free Will ?


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  • Jun 16 2012: Hi, Anhad !
    Firstly I would challenge the premise. I think, all changes are permanent for nothing is lost in this world.
    ''Two ways of bringing about change in a System '' can be described as change from ' out' and from 'within'.
    Actually you can't separate those two ' what goes around comes around "
    Change from within is slower for it is of holistic in character , it's a slow adjustment of all parts of the system to each other. Some parts tend to change faster, some slower. It takes time to make them act harmoniously without dissonance. It's change of stillness.
    No system is isolated from the environment ; be it an individual, nation or economy. It influences the 'outer' and brings change to it, 'outer' causes changes in the 'inner' ...so it goes on and on.
    It's how the tide is formed in the ocean.

    As for the ' force change ' I'd prefer to call it a 'shock'. And it doesn't come out for the blue it comes to balance the prior dissonance. In the context of the ocean metaphor, it's a storm.
    The pattern is different here it's 'dramatic' dynamics. Is it good or bad ?
    I am reminded of a story about a Chinese emperor who was asked to comment on the event which took place 200 years before. He said :
    " It's too early to say ." :)
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      Jun 18 2012: I agree Natasha, but for bringing about a change, we make strategies. Some people take a long term approach some take a short term but at the end both learn from their decisions. There is one thing which I have learnt from the PLANET EARTH.

      Its motion. It follows two motions.
      1. Rotate (Own Axis)
      2. Revolve (Solar System)

      Therefore according to me, a person has to improve and change at two levels.

      1. Rotation - Personal Change or Improvement
      2. Revolve - Social Change or Improvement

      Both need to be done parallel as the earth does.

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