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When was the climax of your life?

Of course there's a chance that the 'climax of your life' will be experienced later on in your life, but till right now, what has been your climax?

It doesn't always have to be something positive! Maybe a negative experience had been the climax because you learnt something important or something that changed your life!

Tell me, when was the climax of your life and why was it?


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    Jun 10 2012: Dear Rosa,

    At the time of my life was when I injured my right knee. At that time, we only came to Russia. It was very difficult to move, did not give the results of treatment (the effect), and subsequently I was bedridden for several months. This period in my life has become for me a gift, as is the case with Stacy Kramer of TED - the story, which I translated. My illness "gave" me the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of my existence, helped to set clear priorities in life and start learning new knowledge. I began to spend a lot of time to read useful and wise book. My mentors during my illness began (in absentia) billionaires and millionaires (Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, Bodo Schaeffer ...), the best psychologists of our time (Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, John Kehoe). A little later I read in a book by Brian Tracy, where he wrote: "If God wants to make a gift to man, then he turns it into a problem ...". With me this is what happened. But now I'm healthy. And the knowledge I gained during my "vacation" - brought me success in my projects, plans and continue to bring in all areas of my life.

    P.S. I'm sorry. My English is not so good... yet. ))

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