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How do you think we can motivate young people to perceived and purposeful studying?

On the one hand, the flow of information nowadays is incredibly huge: you can choke on the TV programs, websites, newspapers and books. However, the most of these information flows are "yellow", useless and even worse - destructive. Tajikistan is a small country in Central Asia with a population of 7,000,000 people (2011).

Youth in Tajikistan in the 21st century has not enough useful and necessary information for the successful start in the life. After finishing a high school, most young people do not know what they can do. They have no idea what their lives devote to. At the same time the top for the most of the teenagers is to find a job in Russia. Making money in Russia became the main goal in youth’s and adults’ life. Children have no longer an enthusiasm to study at school and students remain at the Universities only "for parents".

- How do you think we can motivate young people to perceived and purposeful studying?
- How to start their internal "engine" for the acceleration to a successful life?
- What methods would be offered the Ministry of Education by you to implement into the system of education?


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    Jun 24 2012: I think that the main problem nowadays is that children don't see education as something that really helps them in life and just see it as something that they have to do. Some decades ago, not all countries could or would offer their students the possibility of going to university, and those that did had to study hard but also were rewarded with a well-paid job and a respected position in society.
    I think this is the main issue that need to be resolved, children have to understand that education is what can make you overcome your condition, of course if you want to overcome it which is again something that needs shifting in their mentality. I often see my friends that have no concern regarding their future, they just live for the moment and usually wake up to the real life too late to actually choose a right path, ending up disappointed with their lives and wishing they studied more or took the right decisions at the right time.
    I think education should only be mandatory to those who want to study and want to improve their and other's lives, because all the funding that goes into supporting free education will be redirected to other areas and we will only support the people that want and deserve it. Free education, and by free I mean with unrestricted access not just referring to finances, is also good and bad, but I think that university studies should only be accessible to those that have a genuine interest and not to students that just go into higher education to get a piece of paper called diploma. Moreover, colleges and secondary schools should have technical and labour related profiles so that skilled workers in areas that are needed can come into work right after finishing them, to practice the skills they have acquired and not go into further education so all the nations become a population of educated unemployed people because the jobs are not destined for highly skilled individuals.
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      Jun 27 2012: Maria, i totally agree what you said. in my country ,the goverment has been investing much fund to the high education system in the past decades, which made more and more young people get the opportunity to go to colleges. however most of them face the same prolem now , they can't find the expected job after graduation.some reasons contribute to such situation, the main reason is that many students think they should deserve a well-paid job in the big city and don't want to acted as the skilled workers, thus led to the conflicton between different industries. at the same time many students begin to wonder whether it is neccessary to achieve high education.
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        Jun 27 2012: I know, this is the same problem in my country, since communism collapsed the number of students that could access higher education increased a lot, for example, in the past there were 100 places to study engineering in the whole country, whereas today there are like 10000 and this means the quality of education drops the number of graduates increases and the jobs remain the same. Also, I don't find it bad to work a job that you are over skilled for, after all you need to survive and if you are good at what you do you will have the chance to work your way up. I think that even agriculture is a good area to invest in and work in but you need money to start your own business so it is a little hard to do as a graduate, however, students nowadays find it shameful and want to have glamorous jobs in big cities which is regrettable.
        • Jun 27 2012: seems you are chinese like me according what you said above
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        Jun 27 2012: Me? I am Romanian, but Li Jinlei I think is Chinese judging by her name.

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