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How do you think we can motivate young people to perceived and purposeful studying?

On the one hand, the flow of information nowadays is incredibly huge: you can choke on the TV programs, websites, newspapers and books. However, the most of these information flows are "yellow", useless and even worse - destructive. Tajikistan is a small country in Central Asia with a population of 7,000,000 people (2011).

Youth in Tajikistan in the 21st century has not enough useful and necessary information for the successful start in the life. After finishing a high school, most young people do not know what they can do. They have no idea what their lives devote to. At the same time the top for the most of the teenagers is to find a job in Russia. Making money in Russia became the main goal in youth’s and adults’ life. Children have no longer an enthusiasm to study at school and students remain at the Universities only "for parents".

- How do you think we can motivate young people to perceived and purposeful studying?
- How to start their internal "engine" for the acceleration to a successful life?
- What methods would be offered the Ministry of Education by you to implement into the system of education?


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    Jun 13 2012: We need to transmit the idea that education is not just to make you more knowledgable and give you a memory bank of information and skills that leed to a career/money; but that through the use of education you beome a more intelligent person, a deeper thinker, better able to express yourself, better able to understand all phenomena. We need to see education as being able to grow the mind, rather than fill it with data, quotations and formulae. We should seek to become authors, not books.
    • Jun 24 2012: I fully agree with you and think that the current crisis shows us that we have to change our educationsystem and that everything has become interconnected. We cant make a move in one country without effecting the results on the other side of this planet.
      So I think that education has to develop in a way that the children of today become global citizens that feel responsibilty for eachother.
      This will awaken them to the laws of interdependency and able them to achieve new skills to handle with the global problems we are facing today.

      We have to educate a desire to stop global injustice and take responcibility to create a harmonious,sustainble,and peacefull life.
      Essential is the dialog between the cultures and find out what connects us instead what seperates us.
      When we see eachother as a large family we will treat eachother in that way and correct others if they are making actions wich not contribute to the whole of society.
      Living together requires social skills and not only insert data and tools how to make a lot of money on behalf of other people and think we have to educate this.
      We have to look as well on the influence of the media and ask the children how they percieve the world and what their interests are.
      Think conversation should be the main tool to educate the children of tomorrow.

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