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How do you think we can motivate young people to perceived and purposeful studying?

On the one hand, the flow of information nowadays is incredibly huge: you can choke on the TV programs, websites, newspapers and books. However, the most of these information flows are "yellow", useless and even worse - destructive. Tajikistan is a small country in Central Asia with a population of 7,000,000 people (2011).

Youth in Tajikistan in the 21st century has not enough useful and necessary information for the successful start in the life. After finishing a high school, most young people do not know what they can do. They have no idea what their lives devote to. At the same time the top for the most of the teenagers is to find a job in Russia. Making money in Russia became the main goal in youth’s and adults’ life. Children have no longer an enthusiasm to study at school and students remain at the Universities only "for parents".

- How do you think we can motivate young people to perceived and purposeful studying?
- How to start their internal "engine" for the acceleration to a successful life?
- What methods would be offered the Ministry of Education by you to implement into the system of education?


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  • Jun 11 2012: Well, an amazing question!
    Sadly today... different students live at different places with different situations they face in life.
    Somewhere, the country lacks opportunities, some parents are not supportive or liberal, some education systems are fundamentally flawed, some students stay in a bad company... and there are a million more reasons why "education" today is not serving it's purpose.
    Now to answer your question... All the above conditions are merely an "ILLUSION". They are barriers made by students for themselves. There is no such thing as motivation needed for a student to Study resourcefully or purposefully. A student who wants to, will in any circumstances pursue his interests.
    Whats required is to free the students from the burden of marks, grades, GPAs or performance! Noone, especially students can ignore their conscience, that inner voice, the energy in the core... they will realize it only when given a chance to... Today their aim is not to pursue interests but rather... Score well, Perform well (thats the case in my country atleast)
    Noone or nothing can really "MOTIVATE" students to really know their core interests... It is only themselves who are REALLY capable of doing it!

    All that is required is the "Intent", "The Burning Desire", the desire to know something, the ambition to achieve something, the intent of contributing to the world. Well in my opinion, unless the students have a touch with their inner self, every education system will have its flaws, and just like today, majority of people will spend their lives trying to earn a living, then trying to earn luxury, and then more and more of it.... Few will really make useful contributions to the world, INVENT... DISCOVER... or CREATE!
    the world will continue to be a majority of ordinary unless it is WIDELY, EXTENSIVELY and OMNISCIENTLY PREACHED "The importance of The Realization of the Self"

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