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Why is India so poor in development and technology than any other Foreign Country ?

In India Infrastructural is so bad than any other foreign country, more over there is not more development in Rural Area. and in Technology, research, Education, Development etc. So most of Indian people go abroad for education and job for their good and secure life and Enjoy the technology of Foreign countries.


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    Jun 9 2012: Well this is one of the most challenging question that India is facing right now.
    India have top brains from various institutions like IITs, IIMs,etc still do not know how to use them. Development is only possible if individuals think that they can develop. Here people focus more on how to put others down rather on how to grow. Here brains do not get right career so they move abroad. To stop we need to build careers and to do we need to have opportunities, which is only possible if we eliminate corruption!

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