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Why is India so poor in development and technology than any other Foreign Country ?

In India Infrastructural is so bad than any other foreign country, more over there is not more development in Rural Area. and in Technology, research, Education, Development etc. So most of Indian people go abroad for education and job for their good and secure life and Enjoy the technology of Foreign countries.

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    Jun 9 2012: Well this is one of the most challenging question that India is facing right now.
    India have top brains from various institutions like IITs, IIMs,etc still do not know how to use them. Development is only possible if individuals think that they can develop. Here people focus more on how to put others down rather on how to grow. Here brains do not get right career so they move abroad. To stop we need to build careers and to do we need to have opportunities, which is only possible if we eliminate corruption!
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    Jun 11 2012: Yash, Everyone here seems to blame corruption. Certainly that is a factor, however, being a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic certainly adds to the development stagination. The President is mostly ceremonial with the power in the PM and cabinet. Many members are appointed by the President on the advice of the PM. Many from the "Hindi Belt" of the north and west and the Caste based (Bahujan Samaj Party). There are four communist parties united in the "Left Front" that advocate secular and communist idology and are very opposed to economic liberalization and global generalization.

    The economy is based on services (56%) industry (26%) and agriculture (18%) with a 7.8% growth and a GDP at 1.843 Trillion.

    SUMMARY: The combination of factors work against India having significant gains in the near future. However software and software services have provided a significant gain in the last few years. As the "middle class" grows (expected to be a growth of a multiple of ten in the next ten years). I would expect to see the "left front" and development of "Unions" to be significant especially in the rural areas (based on history of developing countries).

    Until the political inefficiencies are addressed and overcome the corruption and subjucation of the people are going to continue. India is a ripe plumb for countries who wish to expliot the people and resources.

    It appears that India has harbored "career politicians" and that will impead any changes to the growth and development of the country. In fact it will encourage the corruption.

    With more time and more space I could further analyze the problems. The answer of corruption is not the whole picture and would inspire a throw the hands up and quit mentality. Work to effect change through education of the upcoming middle class is the quick answer.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Jun 10 2012: I still have much to learn about India. What little I know I have obtained through 2nd or 3rd hand sources, and no direct experience. What I found is that India's social fabric is both your salvation and your curse. Business is often done with those with whom owners personally know and are familiar with, which breeds nepotism and corruption, and limits one's market. The formal employment sector accounts for 300-400 million jobs while a substantially greater amount consists of unorganized employment. Often the few that do rise are expected to support extended families.

    The US and UK do not have this family dynamic. All members of society pay into a public retirement system and private savings so that when anyone reaches a certain age, they have the option to receive a retirement pension for the rest of their lives, which gives children freedom from having to support their parents. Parent-children relationships change dramatically once the child becomes an adult. Afterwards it becomes more of an adult-adult relationship.

    I only heard about this through a novel so I don't know if it is accurate, but another problem might be the educational system. In the US, educators are not put on pedestals, they have little power to punish anyone, and if they get lazy, we replace them. In the US/UK, institutions are revered, not educators.

    The business world is perhaps where India is so different than every where else. Again from what I've learned from other sources, India has a non-linear/non-legalist culture. The West, China, and Japan all have a tradition of codifying social rules. In the West, this comes from Judeo-Christianity, in China from Confucianism, and Japan from Buddhism and Shintoism. There's nothing wrong with non-linearity, it's just that India needs to learn how to develop it's own adaptation to the corporate model.

    Finally there's determinism. Break the past = future cycle. Solve problems. Don't tolerate them. Destroy inefficiency.
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    Jun 9 2012: you are definitely right. Corruption will kill India and Indian People. Thanks Debra and Nice to meet you.
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    Jun 9 2012: The greatest respect that I know how to show you is to answer your question. In,my recent MBA we looked at this and many believe that this is cused by the corruption index attributed to India. Tolerating corruption is killing India.
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      Jun 9 2012: Well Debra,
      I can understand your concern about our country but ,We have decided to fight corruption in a peaceful manner and to some extent we are being successful through this organization called "India Against Corruption" led by a gandhian Anna Hazare. But according to me thats just one of the reasons why we are not so developed.There is more.
      Many Indian parents (and the youth) have a dream that their children will be going to the US or the European countries or any developed country work there for a while earn a decent amount in their standards but when they are converted they are a good amount of money.So eventually there is a brain drain happening .

      The government jobs don't pay people well , so the government officials resort to bribe.They are in the media limelight for wrong reasons,as a result of which they are highly demotivated and corruption just gets worse . Language becomes another barrier in communication among indians . People are divided by states .

      Though our government is corrupt to some extent, we can't blame them completely . A country with over a billion in population is a very big challenge to manage. We can't keep looking for negatives in every situation. There are a lot of positive things in India . We have such wonderful temples, mosques, churches , tourist spots ,people .We are a land with so many wonderful cultures which is so beautifully complicated that it is gonna take me ages to understand.

      So we as Indian youth must come together and make our nation as beautiful as any other developed country as that was the vision of the greatest Indian leaders Ex President of India Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. Not to forget,vision of world peace by Mahatma Gandhi.

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      Jun 9 2012: Dear Debra,
      Corruption aint killing India. Corruption is every where worldwide, including Canada and US. The only difference is that here in India we have a thing called Civil Disobedience taught to us by Mahatma Gandhi. We people have forgot how to use this tool as this tool absolutely ceases the growth of our country. Many areas such as FDI in retail we hugely affected due to the general civil disobedience. Media plays a major role in this endevour as it can spread speculations which lead to a mass negative decision. India aint that corrupt as it has been shown by our media which is influenced by our opposition party.
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        Jun 9 2012: Thank you Gentlemen,
        Respectfully then, perhaps the isssue is denial.
        Could you share with me why Indians call Ghandi- Ghandi Gee?
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          Jun 9 2012: It is Gandhi Ji, ji is for respect.
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          Jun 9 2012: India has had a very sustainable growth over the years. Presently it is in a bad shape due to the policy crisis as all the major policy decisions to be taken are jammed by the opposition. It is soon going to revive. Also India is going to focus on developing Manufacturing Capabilities, Infrastructure which aint that good presently.
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        Jun 9 2012: Thank you Anhad, I apologize for my mispelling - i was guessing because i had only ever heard that expression- I had never seen it in print. I assumed it was respectful- is it like sir in English?
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        Jun 10 2012: In fact, India is the 'I" in BRICK nations- Brazil, Russia, India, China and Korea- the strongest economic countries in the world. Many times on TED questions we do not demand perfect accuracy in the question but rather, like afamily, we try to work with what was meant. You are reiterating facts that we all admit. India is in many ways very strong.

        I had an Indian woman with me in a Canadian classroom and we had a great discussion. In her opinion, she reported that her father had advised her that if she were in trouble and needed help and there were two willing men there- one a police officer and another a known theif- she should choose the theif for safety.
        Now, at no time did i suggest that Canada was corruption free- I am not that naive - but when worldx wide indexes all report the same thing - you have to pay attention.
        My question was sinccere and I hope you will enlighten me, please.
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          Jun 10 2012: An organization is a sync of three pillars, People, Process and Tools where People are the human resources, Processes are the laws, rules, regulations and policies, and tools are the medium, mechanism or means of optimizing and measuring the process. In the 19th Century, when we were not having Information Technology, people worked on papers. All official communication was in a written form and on paper. With the increasing population and increasing work load, it was not scalable to work with the traditional paper techniques. With the evolution IT, it became easy to measure things as one could simply have information of 100 files in a single Microsoft Excel Sheet. This resulted in IT Tools becoming the third pillar.

          COST IMPACT

          IT has resulted in speeding up of work. Human Resources cost more and also take time in comparison to IT Tools. So due to the time efficiency and cost factors, organizations went for automation and parallel downsizing. Once information is converted into digital or soft form, we save paper; moreover we are able to digitally analyze information 1000 times faster. Organizing digital information is very easy and fast where as incase of papers it is extremely difficult and time consuming. Statistical Analysis tools have further reduced cost as now we do not need human resources for doing primary analysis. Repetitive tasks require consistency and IT Tools are the best way of getting things done in a similar and consistent way.

          Corruption is a disconnect between the process and tools pillar. Our government is not having effective mechanisms of tracing corruption. Therefore it has already started making the worlds biggest biometric database. The Activity is time consuming but the results would be mind blowing.
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      Jun 9 2012: Yes.. Debra Madam :)
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    Jun 10 2012: I don't know if this is true but Malaysians would regard India as a highly corrupt country.Most of our businessmen are scared to invest in India.I understand that to a certain extent, every country is corrupt but I was told that India was one of the worst.I don't mean to insult but...is it that bad?
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    Jun 10 2012: Wowwwwwwwwww Unbelievable, Good Question. Due to Corruption in every policy India is so behind in Technology and Development in Infrastructure. If Infrastructure is not develop than Country's growth does not grow up.
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    Jun 10 2012: Very good question and the Indians should look upon this matter and take curious action on this matter .
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    Jun 9 2012: Dear Friend,
    How can you say India is poor in development and in technology. Please radiate a few facts...
    As far as corruption is concerned, it is there in every country. China is also highly corrupt. The difference is they dont have a media like ours which can spread their corruption worldwide.
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    Jun 9 2012: Hi Yash.
    Debra has it nailed. Corruption!
    The link shows that it is the non-corrupt nations which thrive. There is probably a historical worldview element to this, but that is a very complex equation.


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    Jun 9 2012: India doesn't lack in talent.many Indians are very much talented and has achieved appraisals in their respective fields.
    All I can say is Indian government need to encourage such talented people.
    Indian government need to play a predominant role in getting rid of corruption prevailing and should not encourage
    activities which give rise to corruption.