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Can you tell me what motivates a man to get married? What is marriage to a man living today? Do you also have a theory of why women marry?

We all havw ideosyncratic meanings for words. I see it all the time here on TED. When, however that disconnect in meaning touches something as foundational as our meaning about the prime relationship of our life = it is scary so I ask all my friends and interlocuators here if you might help me by sharing your own defination..

Addition^^^^ If a man has proposed to me- can you give me an idea why and what it means?


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  • Jun 21 2012: I couldn't tell you why anyone does anything. Most of the time, the answer is either habit or money. I can tell you why I, a young professional woman, married. I married to grow old with someone, but not anyone, someone with whom I have a shared past and hope to have collective memories in efforts to live happily. Three years in, it's working, the making memories and living happily part.

    I think marriage goes against "our nature" on some levels but that's what makes it so beautiful-- that the conscience rebel against DNA, the latter of which has its own agenda, namely to propagate itself. In doing so, we exercise our conscience, which is one of those things that solidly sets the human apart from other animals.
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      Jun 22 2012: Your answer is so introspective and honest that I feel honored to have read it. Thank you Sheryl.

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