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Do you admire the richest of your society or blame the system for allowing them to exploit the system ?

Below is the top ten richest of the world, This information is taken from wikipedia & link is below.


My question from you is do you admire them for their creativity or smartness that they brought new ideas in the form of new products or services or you blame the system for allowing them to exploit the system to collect huge portion of nation's wealth in one pocket.

What do yo have to say here ? Thanks.

Name Wealth Age Country Source
1.Carlos Slim $53.5 billion 70 Mexico Telmex, América Móvil, G. Carso
2.Bill Gates $53.0 billion 54 United States Microsoft
3 W. Buffett $47billion 80 United States Berkshire Hathaway
4 M.Ambani $29.0 billion 53 India Reliance Industries
5Lakshmi Mittal $28.7 billion 60 India Arcelor Mittal
6 L. Ellison $28.0 billion 66 United States Oracle Corporation
7 B.Arnault $27.5 billion 61 France LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis V.
8 Eike Batista $27.0 billion 53 Brazil EBX Group
9 A.Ortega $25.0 billion 74 Spain Inditex Group
10.K. Albrecht $23.5 billion 90 Germany Aldi Süd

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    Jun 9 2012: Something about American society led them to iconize the very rich so that their likes and dislikes have assumed the poistion of "most desirable| through media propaganda.This might lead to the admiration to which you refer.
    Others have different ideas. What about the health benefits of the Mediterrranean diet, the classic beauty of ancient ruin, the joy to be found (for someone like me) in a garden tour (except it usually requires wealth to keep them up- I suppose.)
    I admire the long term love that I saw netween a Cantonese speaking couple at the hospital I leftt a little while ago. He was 88 amd she was 85. I found them near the elevatpr and he was sitting in a chair and she was sitting in her wheel chair and they were holding hands. I am pretty sure that they were not rich people.
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    Jun 9 2012: I just miss the times when wealthy men were art aficionados and sponsors.
    Buying a garage in New York for parking a hundred Porsche cars is a sick joke on civilization.
    Owning five Picassos is disgraceful. Being a sponsor is classier.
  • Jun 15 2012: An interesting question....

    A small amount of individuals will always create extreme amounts of money however The way they earn it and what they do with it is what would create my admiration. I think governments should tax the rich a lot more than they do however I also feel that people with money should do a lot more with it for the general good of the nation or for people in need. But that is my idealistic dreamy View.

    I'm aware that the government let the rich get away with too much and the individuals are too happy just to let the money sit in an account or investment for no more reason than it belongs to them. Its quite difficult to point the finger at one or the other...
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    Jun 9 2012: How r you Debra?
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      Jun 9 2012: Hi Yash!
      The truth is that I am pretty good right now. There is a lot of sunshine in my head and i am working so hard!
      Big hug and gratitude to you for asaking,
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        Jun 9 2012: Most Welcome to come in India. Very nice to hear that abt yr finishing MBA.