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Will economics end national wars?

In a global economy, if you start a war, you will be attacking either your customers or your suppliers, or both. In any event, you risk hurting your own economy more than your enemy's.

When India and Pakistan started rattling their nuclear sabers, the US corporations threatened to pull out, and peace was achieved.

There is serious talk about a future war between the USA and China. I believe this is impossible. First, China holds too much USA debt; the interest on this debt is a significant revenue for China. Second, corporations would not allow it.

We may have to deal with terrorist groups for a long time to come, particularly those motivated by religion, but I believe that, soon, wars between countries will no longer be economically feasible.

If you watch Paddy Ashdown: The global power shift, try counting how many times he says internet.


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  • Jun 8 2012: while corporations and the people within them do make a large voice in a country's decision i think your forgetting one of the bigger reasons why we might go to war. not everyone is a saint and some leaders literally get off by mass murdering their own people. while the literal cost of war might increase i sincerely doubt that we will forever stop waging wars, they solve too many problems for them to cease forever.

    there are countries who for religious beliefs, a national mindset, or just an over abundance of pride will not listen to the diplomatic talks and debates. they won't listen to peace talks. they won't listen to diplomats telling them to stop the murder and pillaging. and most have stopped listening to their private sectors to understand when doing something is bad for business. when this happens they have one last chance to listen to force, if they don't listen to force then they cease to exist and the problem is solved.

    a future without war will never happen as long as there are more than two minds occupying this world.

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