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Are the "climate denial kingpins" and Republican's Texan Billionaire Koch brothers good for America's Political and environmental future!

The more i see and hear about these two, the greater the distain for them and their ability to manipulate the media,Politicians,as these two have never been elected to a public office of any kind, yet their able to play the Politicians because of their EXTReme wealth, and the general public!


Closing Statement from James DeWeaver

Well the concensus is obvious, these two as Krisztian so aptly put it "crackpots",Charles and David Koch are not good for the environment, actually very destructive and polluting, and their "corrupting" the American Political system in America with their "super-pacs".

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  • Jun 8 2012: I say no. But then I caution, sleep with one eye open.;)
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      Jun 9 2012: say caution is why we're in this desperate world condition Ben, i sleep better with them closed, my pitbulls sleep light though!

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