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How to confirm/prove an abstract/verbal claim ?

For example, I KNOW WHAT KNOWLEDGE MEANS. This is a verbal claim. But, the scientific method requires every claims to be confirmed, tested and duplicated before they can be verified and proven as a fact. But how can i do that with my verbal claim ? How can i test it ? I How can somebody
duplicate my verbal claims ? I can describe how i arrived at that claim, but will that be a proof ? Somebody else might have arrived at a different conclusion and a different claim ? It might make sense to him ? Its easy to validate a physical claim, but what about a verbal claim ? Abstract claim, like i mentioned above ?



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    Jun 9 2012: The word "abstract" means removed, or separated from. To confirm, or prove something you must operate within the realm of material substance, observability and measurability. So long as you stay removed from proof-by-analysis you are simply talking theory. If a claim is proven, it is not abstract. My answer to your question is: you cannot.
    • Jun 9 2012: Hey there ! Thanks for your answer !

      I have another question if you don't mind. How do you think, one can confirm a no longer existing data, captured in an information ?
      Also, does the confirmation (validation) of any data, happens only by the human sensors ? Like, smelling, touching, hearing, seeing, tasting etc. ?

      For example, how can a third person confirm, or obtain data, that some other person was born ? If he wasn't witnessing the event itself, and therefore observing it, how could he confirm that data ? Obviously the data of the event is written in a paper, making it information, but if the event has already passed, and you haven't witnessed it, how can you confirm that information ? It seems to me that it cannot be confirmed by something other than a verbal evidence. Which cannot be validated because science is based only on solid evidence. Anyway, i was wondering what you think about that ?

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        Jun 9 2012: I think Mr. Seremonia answers your question above. JTB (Justified True Belief) is the result of first-hand, personal experience, e.g. "I saw the apple fall from the tree to the ground." Or, JTB is the result of logical analysis, e.g. "Even though I didn't see them fall, I know, from the application of Natural Laws that these apples on the ground under this apple tree fell from this apple tree." Or, JTB is the result of trust in reported information, e.g. " I know the apples fell from the tree to ground beneath because I read numerous accounts of the incident written by trusted, objective people." Thank you!

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