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Can one only fall in love once?

I believe that we can only fall in love once. I don't know, maybe I am just a little naive cause I am still so young, but I really do think that you can only fall in love one time. Love is such a special thing, and if you can fall in love more than 10 times then what is so special about it?
So do you believe we can only fall in love once or more than once?

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  • Jun 7 2012: You posted another question, about 5 things that one learns that is the most important. One I forgot to mention is to fall in love every day. Life is such a beautiful thing. However to answer your question directly. I think someone can love many but from my limited experience of one person I believe that there is one person in MY lifetime I feel I could ever be interwoven completely. I think that this sort of bond can go beyond love. However, putting my psychologists hat on I think that it could largely be affected by personality, genetics, up bringing and life experiences...and of course chance.

    Love comes in many shapes and forms and each time you realise you love, be it a moment, an animal, water dripping off your window pane or while looking up at the universe it is so unique and awe inspiring ... I guess that's what makes it special.

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