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What are 5 things you have learned that has completely changed your life?

I am still a kid, And I love asking questions, cause I believe that the best way to learn is through asking questions. And I love the TED community, its full of amazing individuals. So, What are 5 things you have learned that has completely changed your life?


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    Jun 26 2012: Hmmm... ya know what, Fonkou?? I think this thread would be great for a TED published book once it is done as there are some books, articles and websites out there already in this vein, but your "twist" is the second part of your question "that completely changed your life". You could do some background on this topic, delve more into YOU and your discoveries at your tender age (as I think you have a story to tell), and then weave in these stories (with permission of course and possibly more explanations as to WHY they did), and finally draw some sort of conclusions. I think it could be a winner as I read every single response and feel so humbled by this global group of people. :-)

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      Jun 26 2012: I love your idea Linda! Thank you so much. So do you want me to like write a book? I get what you are saying but not completely, I want to be sure. Tell me more! I am defiantly interested! Thanks!
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        Jun 26 2012: Yes, Fonkou, that is exactly what I think you should do. There are books and articles written already with this same theme (just google: "What I have learned" and you will find them), but what makes yours a bit different (and the "hook") is that your statement also asks that they be life-changing.

        Look at Ron Gutman's book that was published by TED called "Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act" on the Amazon site to see a preview (but you may need to buy it to see totally what I mean).

        How it is set up is it begins with a personal story and then goes into researched information about smiling and its power. Within that are interspersed personal examples of him again and others (but which I really expected to see way more of). Then it ends with a drawn conclusion. I think this would be a good format for you to use. :-) However, with your examples from here, I think some may need to be asked HOW these things changed their lives and maybe a blurb of who they are, so there are not just continual lists. Now since they are already public, I am not sure if you need permission to use them in another format, so that you will have to research as well. I think too, you could write celebrities or anyone who is famous and I am sure a few will answer you; but be sure to get written permission to use them as well.

        I don't know, but at times I seem to know what people would find interesting, and that is why I have been successful in the classroom and have successfully helped two of my author friends add some elements to their works when I edited them that they were happy with as well as their readers when they get feedback; and I really think people would want to read something like this as I know I would. However, you can maybe ask some here who already have responded to your thread to see if they concur even though with almost record of the "thumbs up" is telling by itself. :-)

        What a way this would be for you to make some $$$$ for college. :-)
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          Jun 26 2012: Thank you so much dear for the idea! You are such an intelligent woman! I have been thinking about it since yesterday, and I will see what I can do! Thank you again so much. I started another thread about the book. I need all the help I can get!

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