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What are 5 things you have learned that has completely changed your life?

I am still a kid, And I love asking questions, cause I believe that the best way to learn is through asking questions. And I love the TED community, its full of amazing individuals. So, What are 5 things you have learned that has completely changed your life?


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    Jun 15 2012: Can anyone tell me if there is anything that happens in our life without leaving a trace?
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      Jun 15 2012: How very wise and how very true..so the idea might be to live our lives, think our thoughts, speak our words in a way that leaves a trace that serves life and humanity.

      Do you know the Flower Garland School of Buddhism? Infinite interpenetration. Each of us unique, uniquely and critically needed..always in every moment what we say and do and perhaps even think penetrating into others into all sentience; all others, all other sentiences penetrating into us.i.
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        Jun 15 2012: that would be the meaning of life I believe but with or without any intention you have mentioned, everything is connected in a way that so called ' trace' is just inevitable...the question mark stays after ' what are our intentions'...
        • Jun 16 2012: Are we always fully aware of our true intentions ?
          I guess,true intention is a 'function' of what/who we really are not what we think we are.
          Maybe there is a realm a kind of 'mental space', like Plato Forms, where only true intentions matter.
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        Jun 15 2012: whether we call it ' infinitive interpenetration' or ' butterfly affect' the common believe though it s not yet been proven scientifically, is; the initiate energy of the universe stays the same regardless of intertransfer within the forms. Simply; a questioned has been asked by a someone, you have left a reply spending your time ( which is also a form of energy) and I have left one too. then you commented on my reply and now we are exchanging our knowledge and experince..

        on the other hand, I am still more concerned about the intention which we usually keep the big deal of it for ourselves..
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          Jun 15 2012: I understand. But I think the question is about our 'defining moments.' You know, those times when God and the universe smack you upside the head with a 2x4 and you go, "Oh, I get it now."

          Yes every experience leaves a trace. But some leave a great big giant mark. So what are your marks?
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          Jun 15 2012: Linda,

          the five things I listed and this core realization of the reality of infinite interpenetration is my 2X4!!!

          All of those coming together within me, within my awareness is what "hit me up side the head" and landed me really at the ground of being in a place that was always there, always available, often at work but more often thwarted or hidden.

          "eureka" moments are often the final piercing through of a long ongoing process..it's the monet when all those pieces suddenly aline with one naother and fall into place. Don't you think?
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          Jun 15 2012: Well I think we make eureka moments a long ongoing process. Typically we are given the same lesson over and over until we get it. But we sometimes put up barriers. And that's when the use of a 2x4 is necessary. If we could just be more aware and seek out teachers, perhaps the journey could be less rocky. But maybe not.

          I have this friend, she is working on marriage #3 to the same type of guy. Unemployed, needy, whiny. All the same reasons she divorced the first two. I have tried to subtly point out the pattern to her but she can't hear it right now in the wash of endorphins. I am just waiting for the 2x4.
    • Jun 15 2012: time will wipe out all trace nothing can stand against it
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        Jun 15 2012: I am not so sure about that. I think somehow it is a form of energy and endures through time..not quite sure how..but I think it is all still available to us..or wheiver follows us..anyway I try to live my life from that thought..just in case I am right....
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          Jun 16 2012: I like your 2x4 formula:)) That frequently happens to us all but as you say ' being aware ' is the most important trick.. when I contemplate about this century' s generations especially the ones born after 1980 I simply reach 2 basic conclusions:

          1-lucky enough to have all these uncountable technologic products
          2-too poor because isolated and limited by the same products

          Guess what my point is!! being aware is not that easy at all..

          I don't want to be seen as a hopeless one but honestly sometimes 2x4 is just helpless...

          I can never count five things that changed my life..when I look at my past I see there has been milestones move and the ones filled the gaps between these...all are just there to make a meaningful piece..

          P:S. By the way I have checked your blog though I was in no position to read any article but I'll do that shortly..

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