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What are 5 things you have learned that has completely changed your life?

I am still a kid, And I love asking questions, cause I believe that the best way to learn is through asking questions. And I love the TED community, its full of amazing individuals. So, What are 5 things you have learned that has completely changed your life?


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    Jun 14 2012: 1. Learn how to learn. Everything else is just research.

    Learning how to learn involves first deciding what the important questions are, and then breaking those questions down into concepts. You then take those concepts and research them, and from that research, you can draw conclusions.

    2. From Religion to Science, there is no "truth". As Timothy Leary put it: Think for yourself, question authority.

    "Truths" are really just theories that have withstood some level of scrutiny without being disproven - yet every year we find a handful of things we were so certain to be true, changed before our very eyes in light of new evidence.

    But how do you prove to someone, blind since birth, that the sky is blue? The second part to remember is that even when there IS popular consensus - all the "truth" in the universe ends with your perception of it.

    3. Seek to learn concepts over facts....but do care about the facts.

    School tends to pressure people down the path of demonstrating knowledge via the memorization of facts - this is a horrible system. Einstein himself said that you should never memorize something that can be looked up. Rather than devoting so much brain power to the details - spend more time understanding the concepts and meanings behind WHY that thing exists and how it relates to the world around it. This goes hand in hand with #1 - understanding how things relate is a key component in understanding how to learn.

    Having said that, it's still important to spend time looking at facts so that the concepts you adopt aren't misguided. The world is filled with people who have blindly adopted concepts for which they have not personally vetted.

    4. Nothing bad in your universe is permanent.

    We really are masters of our own realities - some things may feel completely insurmountable, but dedication and effort can and will overcome them. Most of the time, it's just insecurity or ego that gets in the way.

    5. Spiral out - keep going.

    IMHO, the point of life..

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